Eliminating Voter ID Laws

Eliminating New Obstacles to Voting

In 2013, the Supreme Court issued a decision that undermined the 1965 Voting Rights Act and allowed states to design new ways to prevent voters from voting.


The United States has a long history of erecting new obstacles to voting. Citizens have pushed back with new constitutional amendments. Nine amendments have updated election qualifications or voting effects.

We are researching the Fourteenth Amendment, Section 2, limit on abridging the right to vote. Congress passed the Fourteenth Amendment after the Civil War as part of its efforts to reintegrate the Confederacy into the United States.

In Section 2, we see vast potential to protect citizens, and recent Supreme Court cases have provided an avenue to litigation to enforce those protections. As we continue our research, we will design a strategy to giving those protections new vividness. We will update this description as we progress in our research.